New Installations:
Newly installed window film takes 3 days to fully dry, possibly longer if weather is humid. During this time, your window tint may appear hazy or lumpy and may appear to have water bubbles. DO NOT TRY TO CLEAN OR MANIPULATE YOUR WINDOWS IN ANY WAY UNTIL THE DRYING PROCESS IS COMPLETE!

After tinting, clean your tinted windows with alcohol based cleaners or distilled water and a soft clean cloth. We recommend using Sprayway Foaming Glass Cleaner, which can be purchased here.

While every possible precaution is taken to both prevent and avoid any imperfections in your window's tinting application, due to the nature of the product some level of dust contamination and/or minor imperfections can be found in every window film application. Pre-existing flaws such as scratches, metal deposits or other flaws in the glass itself are often much more noticeable after the glass is tinted